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  • Vlore 2020
    The city of Vlora has one of the most beautiful seasides in Albania.
    With both of the seas crashing on it, the city needed a new look and it was done
    with our materials and our expertise following its every step.
  • Tirane 2017
    The project in Tirana is a culminative project
    that is meant to show all of the riches Albania has on the stone spectrum,
    and is a cultivation of almost every material Albania has to offer.
  • Elbasan 2017
    The project of Elbasan was a different project from the others.
    A park and sidewalks were the focus, which made it difficult to assess the materials
    needed, their sizes, and finishes. By using our experience and consulting specialists
    we made a project so beautiful that it still stands today after 7 years.

About Stone Albania


we turn ideas into works of art.

We take every project that comes to us very seriously. Using the knowledge of our experts and specialists we make sure to create the perfect material and perfect finishes that fit your desires and needs. With our experience of over 20 years in the market of stone, we do what others cannot do and turn stone into something unforgettable and everlasting.




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